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The following book covers were edited by: Woman of Scorn & Loki's Concubine, also known as: Lovebuds Anonymous.
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Monday, October 04, 2004

Chain Mail & The Temple of Doom

Adriana Jones was a shy wall-flower kind of girl. She always tried to blend in w/the crowd and never call notice to herself.

One day while taking a detour from her usual route, she passed by an adult novelty shop. Something inside her cried out and she slammed on the brakes! All her life she held her breath knowing there was something more to life, and this was it!

Upon entering the shop her eyes grew wide at the beautiful shiny metal. Chain mail! Glorious chain mail! Could this be what she was waiting for?

Will she be able to escape the Temple of Doom that is the novelty shop?

"America's been waiting for a fetish themed ghetto romance novel for years. It's great to see someone finally had the nerve to write it!" - Fetishes Weekly