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Covers from the LOVEBUD's new line of ghetto-romance novels.


The following book covers were edited by: Woman of Scorn & Loki's Concubine, also known as: Lovebuds Anonymous.
If you are interested in seeing more of our work, please email us with your interest and eventually we'll post more 'covers' as time permits. Thank you for viewing the covers found here and we do hope you enjoy our new brand of ghetto-romance novels!

Friday, September 10, 2004

Time, It Is A Wasting

We here at Lovebuds Publishing House are sad to announce that we will be unable to submit chapter excerpts for every book displayed in the future. While we thoroughly enjoy sharing the stories with you all, it is just too time consuming. Hell, who are we kidding here.... once you've read a sex scene they're all alike. In any case, Woman of Scorn and I still giggle fiendishly over the idea of making covers for our 'ghetto-romance' novels, so we will continue to post them. We may occasionally still submit story parts or opinions on a particular cover if we are struck by the mood or are really bored and want to write about fist-f*cking beautimous love-making.

In other news, if you really suck at photoshop and would like to see your own face or someone else's on one of our covers, simply drop us a comment with your email and we'll get back to ya. We don't charge anything.... we are just sad little bored twits who enjoy farking with pics.