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Covers from the LOVEBUD's new line of ghetto-romance novels.


The following book covers were edited by: Woman of Scorn & Loki's Concubine, also known as: Lovebuds Anonymous.
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Monday, September 27, 2004


Ashlee Kutchen used to be the "weakling" growing up. At school she was picked at for being so little and often was beaten up by the bigger kids. After years of suffering with the heartbreak that comes from constant belittling, she had fallen in love and life was looking up.

Sean Spriggs was the All-American boy. He was popular, good looking and captain of the football team. When he showed an interest in Ashlee, she had no clue that he was merely using her to get close to her older sister. Once again, she found her heart broken and dropped out of school.

Ten years later she has finally decided to pull herself together and passed her GED. Now it's time to return to her home town for her ten year high school reunion. There's no way that they're going to laugh at her this time. It's time for payback, and Ashlee is ready to dish it out. Will her secret feelings for Sean return when she sees him after all this time? Or will she simply squash him like a bug...... now that she's Pump'd?

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