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The following book covers were edited by: Woman of Scorn & Loki's Concubine, also known as: Lovebuds Anonymous.
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Monday, November 15, 2004

Stained Reputation

Billie-Jo Clintly loves her waitressing job at the Havana Humidor Lounge. In this "men's only" club the tips are always great and the smell of cigars and pipes reminds her of her childhood growing up with her Grandfather.

Everyone's always thought that softspoken Billie-Jo was the sweet, innocent girl from Arkansas; but she has them all fooled. No one knows the dimly-lit hallways and the abandoned rooms like Billie-Jo. Night after night she secretly seduces a man of her choice and leads them into her 'oval office.'

When the owner's son unwittingly becomes her new target, sparks are sure to fly. Will he be able to resist her charms and fire her? Or will he be consumed by his lust for the long-legged vixen and decide that he doesn't care about her stained reputation?

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