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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Happy Gilmore Girl

The city of Podunk, Alabama is growing in leaps and bounds. The local golf course is sponsoring it's first professional golf tournament and they've brought in a top-notched advertiser to get the ball rolling.

"Shooter" McGoward has been at the top of the advertising game for the past five years. When he takes the job of coming up with an ad campaign for a new golf course he knows it won't take much effort. The hard part is traveling to the small town and being away from the conveniences of the big city.

There's no dry cleaning services! No five-star hotels! The only 'up-scale' restaurant in town is a fast food joint with car-hops!

Shooter soon finds out that the food isn't the only thing that's different here. These southern women are a whole new ball game... and when the "Happy Gilmore Girl" delivers his dinner one night he discovers that he's not the player he thought he was. His repeated attempts to win her affections have gotten him nowhere.

Will he finally figure a way to win this beauty? Or will he strike out in this 'game of the heart'?

This time he's praying for a hole in one.

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