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Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Jumpin' Jack Flash

Willy "The Whoop" Goldbird was a man down on his luck. Like thousands of others across this great land his job had been packed up and sent to China. He was a high-school dropout with no marketable skills. The one thing that he had was his body, which he was passionate about keeping in shape. When Ms. Teddie Danza gives him her business card on the street he was flattered that such an attractive woman would take an interest in him.

Teddie Danza has an eye for talent. When she sees the hunky young man outside of the local grocer she gives him a card without hesitation. In her line of work there is no time to second guess your gut instinct. She can only hope that he calls and is interested in a job.

Two weeks later........ On set of the first adult movie Willy has ever been on. He has no problem doing a picture with the kind of money that he'll be making. He quickly proves to be an asset to the adult film world and his 'special member' is fast becoming the talk of the town. The other actors have nicknamed him "Jumpin' Jack Flash" because he performs so well. That is, until the day comes when Lil' Jack Flash doesn't want to jump. There's nothing he can do; the excitement is simply gone. He's got to find a way to fix this problem..... or his new career and the luxuries it brings will be gone forever. There's only one thing that still puts the bounce in Lil' Jack's spring, and her name is Teddie Danza. Can Willy find love with the woman who brought him into his new life? What if she doesn't want to be with someone inside of the business? Can she really help him regain his composure and go back to being the big stallion on stage?

Only time, and perhaps a tight leather codpiece, will tell.

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