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The following book covers were edited by: Woman of Scorn & Loki's Concubine, also known as: Lovebuds Anonymous.
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Sunday, December 19, 2004

Shanghai Nights

Millions of men find Asian women exotic and beautiful. For Jacquelyn Chan, known by her professional name "Jackie", her body has been her greatest asset. Men adore her tight tummy and sleek, sexy legs. Working in one of the Chinatown peepshows has been the best paying job she's ever had.

The "Shanghai Tigress" peepshow has just come under new management and they're about to change all the rules. There will be no more anonymous dancing. Men are paying top-dollar for these shows and Tommy Wu, the new manager, feels that they should see the entire package.

Jackie has a hard decision to make. Should she quit this job now that they are being forced to show their faces? Her body is exquisite but her facial features usually send men running in the opposite direction. Should she continue to work and take the risk that some men may still find her attractive? Will she be walking into a public humiliation from which she'll never recover?

Tommy Wu knows that Jackie is his best dancer and is unsure of how the regular customers will react when they see her 'complete' for the first time. He knows that she is beautiful inside and out and only hopes that the men are appreciative and don't send her running. This is the one and only lady that he's ever fallen for.

Together they'll face challenges, secrets, lies, love and ridicule.

Together, they'll never forget........... the hot, steamy, Shanghai nights.

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