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The following book covers were edited by: Woman of Scorn & Loki's Concubine, also known as: Lovebuds Anonymous.
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Sunday, October 31, 2004

First Night

Shawna Conner waited her whole life for this moment. She's been saving herself for the right man and it looks like tonight's the night!

Richard Kane knew of the town virgin, and her seductive ways. He wanted to be the first to mark his territory on her sweet, sweet body. Candles, soft music and champagne is all he needs to win this local beauty.

But once the deed is done, will he be free of Shawna? Or will she become his psycho stalker killer? After all hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!

Friday, October 29, 2004

Rock the Vote

Three months of community service! Kerri Edwards knew that she was going to regret whoring around, but she figured a slap on the wrist was all she'd get. The judge and her parents had other plans.

It's election time and with a heavy turn-out expected, the judge has decided to make this troubled teen spend time helping the voter board set up for the upcoming elections. Kerri has no interest in politics! All she's after is a quick rumble in the sack and a good time. Who cares which creep gets elected?

The more Kerri spends time listening to the promises of the candidates, the more she's disgusted by the lies and power of these con-artists. She's determined to make a difference in the voting process this year, and she's going to do it her way. If she can't talk people into changing their minds, she can at least coerce them with some fast lovin'.

So watch out when you step into your voting booth this year. There just may be a pissed-off teenage tramp hiding under the curtain, just waiting to...... "Rock The Vote!"

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Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Mr. Congeniality

Close your eyes and imagine you're on an island. The breeze is gently blowing across your face, the warm sand is cushioning your feet, and the waves lazily lap against the shore.

Your lesiurely stroll takes you to a nestle of trees where you see the most beautiful man. Upon closer inspection you see that it is Gradie Freebush, Mr. Congeniality! He woos you with his soft voice and tan skin.

How can you resist his charms? And quite frankly, do you want to?

We don't!

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Cruel Intentions

What would you do if you caught your husband cheating on you?

Why, sleep with as many of his friends as you could of course!

Ivana Jenkins is mad, but she must continue with her charade if she hopes to get revenge. Doing his friends by day, being the happy housewife by night is proving to be a tough job but someone has to do it!

Follow Ivana as she gathers videos and photos of her husband's infidelity to better divorce him with.


Could there be a reconciliation in the works?

Love Blooms in Orlando

Summer's almost here, and once again the "Camden Chiggers" are on their senior trip to Disney World. When Mr. Hamlin, the shop teacher, has a heart attack and can't supervise the trip the kids are left wondering if things will be cancelled. Surely Mr. Walters, the librarian, can't handle all 40 kids alone.

After some fast talking and some hard looking the school finally finds someone to come along as the second chaperone. Enter Ms. Veronica Gloss. With long flowing hair, long legs, and her shapely body... she's used to getting her way when she wants it. This substitute temptress is always hungry for a good time, and she's just found her biggest challenge.

Mr. Walters is a shy man; quiet and subdued, but when Veronica sets her seductive eyes on this studly intellectual sparks are sure to fly.

This summer, the kids aren't the only ones in for a wild ride. This summer, love blooms in Orlando.

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Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Meet Willow

Willow Val Kilroy always wanted to be a model. Her dream was to make it to the top and dominate the modeling world.

But just as life can't seem to get any better than doesn't.

She realizes she has everything she could ever want, and quite frankly, it's made her miserable. Some people are never satisfied!

Will she ever be happy again? Will she ever get rid of her 5 o'clock shadow?

Monday, October 04, 2004


Tamarin Cruize had just made the final round of the Miss Hawaiian Tropical competition. She had worked hard the past few months, toning up her body and getting her tan just right. Everyone is thrilled to hear that the last stage is being held inside the beach's hottest bar, the "Cocktail Lounge". When she arrives a few days early to learn the layout of the stage, she is instantly swept off of her feet by Nicholas, the handsome owner and bartender.

After three nights of passion and nude body shots, she learns that he has just become the newest judge of the contest. The stakes are just too high. If the other girls learn of their affair, she's automatically barred from the competition. When she purposely ignores and avoids him, Nicholas is infuriated. How can he fight not only his powerful attraction for her, but also his anger at her recent attitude and score the contest fairly?

It's a no-win situation. If he judges her higher than the others they run the threat of being exposed as lovers. If he scores her lower then he's sure she will never forgive him and it will ruin their relationship. Can he find a way to save not only his reputation but his new sex kitten as well? Or will their steamy romance go up in flames??

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Chain Mail & The Temple of Doom

Adriana Jones was a shy wall-flower kind of girl. She always tried to blend in w/the crowd and never call notice to herself.

One day while taking a detour from her usual route, she passed by an adult novelty shop. Something inside her cried out and she slammed on the brakes! All her life she held her breath knowing there was something more to life, and this was it!

Upon entering the shop her eyes grew wide at the beautiful shiny metal. Chain mail! Glorious chain mail! Could this be what she was waiting for?

Will she be able to escape the Temple of Doom that is the novelty shop?

"America's been waiting for a fetish themed ghetto romance novel for years. It's great to see someone finally had the nerve to write it!" - Fetishes Weekly